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The Planter and The Bench creates a beautiful space with vicinity to plants. Being close to plants gives people positive experiences and impressions for both the sight and smell. The furniture’s elegant design combined with fresh plants creates a perfect frame for a rest or a brake where you can sit alone and let your mind wander or talk with friends and colleagues.

The Planter and the Bench works well in large events with lots of people. This could be conventions and the urban cityscape, where exhibitors need to frame their exhibition or where clients and visitors needs space to rest or talk. The Planter and The Bench is flexible design that does not have to contain plants. With its four planter buckets there is plenty of opportunity to replace one planter with a bucket containing drinks, brochures or products. It is also an option to cover the planter with a tabletop to use it as a platform for drinks and food.


Price for individual elements (in € excluding VAT):

The Planter: 310,-
The Bench: 620,-

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You can download our brochure in PDF.



Square Roots has created a piece of furniture that brings the soil back to the city in a minimalistic design.

Our Planter makes it easy to grow fresh vegetables in the yard or on the balcony.

The Team

Christian Lundgaard Jensen
Christian Lundgaard JensenCEO
Henrik Melgaard
Henrik MelgaardCOO
Anders Boisen
Anders BoisenConsultant
Dorte Riisager Ballermann
Dorte Riisager BallermannConsultant
Anders Warrer
Anders WarrerConsultant


  • Take sustainable initiative and grow your own plants.
  • The Planter has a practical size making them easy to move around.
  • Is suited for indoor and outdoor use – it just needs sunlight.
  • Designed in Denmark by award winning furniture architects at Spant.
  • An urban farming solution that makes it easy to be self-sufficient without a garden.


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